Sunday, October 9, 2016

A toast to the renovators of the society

"Go out in the world... The world is your Oyster..!!"

"The world is such a beautiful place, you just have to see it and feel it!!"

We do keep on hearing / reading such things all around. And trust me, I'm 100% with the intention and the gist of the feeling. We live in the times when happiness somehow doesn't sell in the media, and hence the common man like me can do with some sense of positivity that these lines attempt to emanate. All aboard!

Wait, I'm going somewhere with this - If only, life was all about the fairytales of our childhood! The world may be someone's Oyster, but few others do slip over one and fall. Some fall hard. Life isn't so simple for everyone around us, is it!

And then, some of us become the blind tourists on this supposed fairytale of ours. While we are on the tour of this "happy place called as world", we somehow turn a blind eye to the sufferings of the others. To the deprivation, to the misfortunes. While some can't because no guide on this tour turned their attention to this and told them "Look, here we see the issues of this and that....", others choose to ignore because that's what makes them feel better when it comes to their conscience. Turning a blind eye to the elephant in the room, so to say.

While we are on the subject of conscience, this is where my inspiration to write this one came from. Conscience of some others, that can't let them sleep in the night. Conscience that keeps on telling them to keep their eyes wide open, literally, and figuratively. They are not the blind tourists. These are the real tourists that don't just tour the world of fairytales and nightmares, but dare to see both these aspects with their eyes and are willing to do something about it. These are the ones that actually take time out of their lives and dedicate it to contribute in whatever capacity possible, so that the world is a better place, no matter by what margin, than what it was before. This post is dedicated to those, their efforts, their vision, and their conscience that engines their desire to turn a few wrongs into rights, a few darks into brights. Here's one to such souls around me.

You'll know I'm talking about you, in your own conscience. If you do, consider this as a toast to you and your good deeds. You are an inspiration, and I hope and wish that I don't just stop at being inspired and in fact, act! Kudos to you, and stay blessed!

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